Let's put our
heads together.

There's a pretty big disconnect.

Communication is tough. We all have a story about a contractor that wouldn't listen to us or a client that didn't know what they wanted. In the scenarios that play out between homeowners and contractors, be they architects, interior designers, or builders, everyone's an expert at what they do. However, communication styles, ____, and even conflicts in our personal values get in the way, and make it really tough for us to understand, and feel understood.

We make that connection clear and easy for everyone involved.

What we do

Client Discovery ~ Using psychology-based measurement and communication tools to gain a deep understanding of client values and needs, and by clarifying their individual vision.

Referral Network ~ Matching clients with the designers and contractors that align with them in terms of values and process.

Team Training ~ Provide ‘wellness-centric discovery and design’ training to designers and builders. Training programs are specifically tailored to each team and designed by experts in the wellness field.

How we do it



A crystal clear picture of values, wants
and needs, and space for growth.


Know that your designer & builder
understand the assignment.


Subheadline A detailed roadmap for creating that
lasting feeling of 'it's Just Right'.
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Same Team.
Same Page.

The truth is we all have each other's best interests at heart. Homeowners want the space they envision in their minds, and the companies they want to give it to them. They live for that sense of pride they have people love their work. But, if you're a homeowner and can't clearly articulate your vision to your team, how are they supposed to nail the concept? It's the same if you're the contractor, and you're not trained to ask the kinds of questions that uncover people's deeper thinking and help them articulate their thoughts. How can you possibly do your best work for them? It's a really tough dynamic that more often than not, leaves all the people involved feeling resentful.
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the Assignment.

It all starts with client discovery. This will set the tone for everything that follows.

Values ~ Using psychology-based measurement and ...

Vision ~ Matching clients with the designers and ...

Reporting? ~ In having a clear understanding of the information contractors need to extract from clients, in the language and spec they need it, we leave little room for misunderstanding. Needless to say, the saves us all from headaches, scope changes, and resentment.
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