Not feeling understood?

The Problem

Communication is tough. We all have a story about a contractor that wouldn't listen to us or a client that didn't know what they wanted. In the scenarios that play out between homeowners and contractors, be they architects, interior designers, or builders, everyone's an expert at what they do. However, communication styles, ____, and even conflicts in our personal values get in the way, and make it really tough for us to understand, and feel understood.

We make that connection clear and easy for everyone involved.
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How We Help
Home Owners.

How We Help
Home Owners.

Client Discovery
Identifying and Solving the Problem. ~ Our consultants guide clients in finding and then solving the problem. If you’ve ever tried looking at yourself in a mirror while simultaneously holding the mirror, you know that it can be difficult to see clearly. We all have blind spots and biases that can obstruct our perspective and make it challenging to see the full picture. Our innovative approach helps clients identify values, vision, and priorities in order to make the planning and design process as clear as possible.

Referral Network
With our extensive network base of designers and contractors, we can provide recommendations that align with clients in terms of values and process.

Designing wellness-focused spaces
The places where we spend our time have a critical impact on our overall health and well-being. We provide consultation to people in the initial stages of home building and renovation.

Our goal is to enhance wellness by creating a balanced sensory environment where individual well-being is front and center.
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Wellness Spaces

Creating wellness-centric spaces should be the focus of building projects – here are a few reasons why:

Aging in place
More people are looking to build efficient, ways to "age in place" and grow older in a home that can accommodate accessibility and health needs across the lifespan.

Thoughtful technology
The rise and integration of technology within our homes is changing how people spend time and interact together. Families need guidance to navigate and screen where to place technology to enhance but not disrupt the connection.

Working from home
Since the pandemic, more and more parents are working from home while multi-tasking with home life. Families need to re-think how to delineate spaces to facilitate more focused and clear workspaces, separate from busy home life.

Multigenerational housing
Sky-rocketing property values and an aging demographic means we need to increase flexible and affordable ways of living that can withstand the test of time while meeting various health needs of multiple family members.

Mental health
Research shows that anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges have more than doubled since 2020, post-pandemic. Creating spaces at home that create opportunities for families to talk, connect, and share time is more important than ever.

Physical activity
People have adopted a new normal to exercise and move from the comfort of their homes. Creating space-saving ways to both delineate and integrate exercise spaces has become key to designing modern spaces.

Wellness Spaces

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So yeah,
we get it.

We begin with client discovery.

Values ~ Using psychology-based measurement and ...

Vision ~ Matching clients with the designers and ...

Reporting? ~ In having a clear understanding of the information contractors need to extract from clients, in the language and spec they need it, we leave little room for misunderstanding. Needless to say, the saves us all from headaches, scope changes, and resentment.
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