February 16, 2024

Create Intrinsic Motivation

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Create Intrinsic Motivation


Do you want to cultivate intrinsic motivation in your little ones? Having trouble getting them out the door or transitioning to a new activity? Let’s look at why this might be..

The Growth Process 🌷

Intrinsic motivation takes time to bloom. Be patient and create the right environment for it to flourish. Before we develop intrinsic motivation, kids need a lot of external motivating reinforcers. Here are my top 3 powerful parenting tips to encourage and motivate your littles!

1. Power of Encouragement 🌈

High fives, cheers, and warm embraces build a positive foundation. Verbal praise cultivates self-worth and determination.

2. Spread the Joy 🎉

Share your child’s successes with others. Whether with friends or fellow parents, reinforcing achievements boosts self-esteem.

3. Magic of Positive If/Then Statements ✨

Connect effort to reward. For example, “Get dressed, and you’ll have extra snow playtime!” fosters autonomy and responsibility.


(Deci & Ryan, 1985) underscores positive reinforcement’s role in nurturing intrinsic motivation. Join me in this journey, one high five at a time! 🌟