January 1, 2024


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Why the extra ‘g’ you ask?

Haven's development was deeply inspired by the Scandinavian concept of "Hygge," which served as a cornerstone for infusing wellness into homes and lifestyles. Hygge, originating from Denmark, encapsulates a feeling of coziness, contentment, and well-being through simple pleasures and connections with loved ones. It's about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that fosters relaxation and comfort, often achieved through soft lighting, comfortable furnishings, and shared moments with friends and family.


In paying homage to this cherished cultural tradition, Haven embraces the essence of Hygge and integrates it into its ethos of promoting holistic wellness. By adding the extra 'g' to its name, Haven not only honors its Scandinavian influence but also signifies a deeper commitment to creating spaces and experiences that evoke feelings of tranquility, balance, and joy.

Our Approach

Through Haven's approach, reminiscent of Hygge, clients are encouraged to cultivate environments that nurture their well-being on multiple levels, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual. By incorporating elements of design, such as cozy textiles, natural materials, and mindful placement of object, Haven helps individuals and families create sanctuaries within their homes where they can unwind, recharge, and reconnect with what truly matters.

Simplicity & Authenticity

Just as Hygge emphasizes the importance of simplicity and authenticity, Haven's philosophy centers on promoting a sense of harmony and authenticity in one's living space. By blending the principles of Hygge with modern design concepts and evidence-based practices in psychology, Haven offers a unique and transformative approach to enhancing overall wellness and quality of life.